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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not So Good RUMORS About MLL

Despite Kyle Harrison's optimism, Major League Lacrosse could be in a bad way this summer. It looks like four teams will fold for 2009 - Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The league owned Barrage defended their 2007 title by touring the country last year in an effort to find a market and a buyer. Now the 2008 champion Rochester Rattlers are looking to move to Toronto (I previously reported that the Rattlers were rumored to be heading to Orlando). The Washington Bayhawks have already moved to Annapolis. That means that only six of last year's ten teams will be playing; only four will be in the same city.
The good news is that despite fewer teams, the league should still be active this summer. That is more than can be said of the Arena Football League (although AF2 and the Barnstormers will be active in 2009). Luckily, my beloved Lizards are not among the dead - and the chances of them coming to Chicago this summer have now greatly increased!
Hopefully the next time I post about the MLL, I will have some good news...

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