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Saturday, February 14, 2009

DM Area 2009 Mediacom Schedule for Lax

Since I have Mediacom, I wanted to put up the games that will be available in Des Moines this spring. Most of the games are on ESPNU, which is in the "College Sports Tier" expansion pack on channel 178. I'm not sure if it is a standard channel or not, but satellite subscribers can also get this channel (DIRECTV Channel 614, DISH Network Channel 148). A couple of games are on ESPN2 (Mediacom channel 36) and the Championship is on ESPN (Mediacom 35), which pretty much everybody with cable or satellite has. CSTV/CBS College Sports (171 on Mediacom) usually has games as well, but they are not yet posted. The MLL has not finalized their schedule either, but I will post it once they do. I recommend that anyone interested in lacrosse, especially the Valley players, watch a few games this spring. The times listed are Central Time.
02/20/09 5:00PM ESPNU Siena at Johns Hopkins
02/21/09 12:00PM ESPNU Georgetown at Maryland
02/22/09 5:30PM ESPNU Towson at Loyola*
02/28/09 11:00AM ESPNU Princeton at Johns Hopkins
02/28/09 1:30PM ESPNU Duke vs. Maryland
02/28/09 4:00PM ESPNU Cornell at Army
03/06/09 11:00PM ESPNU Princeton at UMBC*
03/07/09 11:00AM ESPNU Hofstra at Johns Hopkins
03/07/09 1:00PM ESPNU Maryland at Towson
03/14/09 11:00AM ESPNU UMBC at Maryland
03/14/09 1:00PM ESPNU Duke at North Carolina
03/20/09 2:00PM ESPNU Albany at Princeton
03/21/09 1:00PM ESPNU North Carolina at Maryland
03/21/09 7:00PM ESPNU Virginia at Johns Hopkins
03/24/09 6:00PM ESPNU Hofstra at Army
03/28/09 11:00AM ESPN2 Maryland at Virginia
03/28/09 11:00 AM ESPNU Syracuse at Loyola
03/28/09 1:00PM ESPNU Johns Hopkins at North Carolina
04/04/09 11:00AM ESPNU North Carolina vs. Virginia
04/04/09 1:30PM ESPNU Syracuse vs. Princeton
04/04/09 8:00PM ESPNU Albany at Princeton*
04/11/09 10:30AM ESPNU Army vs. Navy
04/11/09 1:00PM ESPNU Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland
04/11/09 3:00PM ESPN2 Virginia at Duke
04/11/09 9:00PM ESPNU Hofstra at Towson*
04/18/09 1:00PM ESPNU Navy at Johns Hopkins
04/25/09 12:00PM ESPNU Vermont at UMBC
05/02/09 12:00PM ESPNU Loyola at Johns Hopkins
05/09/09 11:00 AM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 1:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 4:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/09/09 6:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 11:00AM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 1:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 4:00PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/10/09 6:30PM ESPNU NCAA First Round
05/16/09 11:00AM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/16/09 1:30PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/17/09 11:00AM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/17/09 1:30PM ESPNU NCAA Quarterfinals
05/23/09 11:00AM ESPN2 NCAA Semifinals
05/23/09 1:00PM ESPN2 NCAA Semifinals
05/25/09 12:00PM ESPN NCAA Finals

*These games were recorded prior to broadcast. All other games listed will be shown live.

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