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Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Love for Valentine's Day

Okay, it really should say "No Lacrosse for Valentine's Day," but that just sounds silly. Despite the success of our first and second informal toss around/practices, the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association will not be holding an event this weekend. This really sucks because we had a great showing in our first event and an increase last weekend. Plus Valley should be completely empty, for once.
Unfortunately Mother Nature, being the selfish wench that she is, decided our days of 50s in February have to come to an end. She is greeting us with regular winter temperatures tomorrow which will last through the weekend. At this time, Saturday's high is only supposed to be 25, which means broken fingers, or at least real pain if the ball or an errant stick makes contact (plus, if you play outside all day and then put your tongue against your stick, it will get stuck!). With snow hitting tomorrow, conditions in the tennis court will be far less than ideal.
Hopefully the weather will clear back up and we can resume our practices on the 21st...

Tribe 7