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Friday, June 5, 2009

Upcoming Lacrosse Times

1. Saturday 6/6 11:30 AM Full Pads

2. Tuesday 6/9 5:30 PM Full Pads - I may or may not be there. Cam was included on this email and will be running it if I am not there.

3. Thursday 6/11 5:30 PM Full Pads

4. Saturday 6/13 11:30 AM Full Pads

All scheduled sessions will be held at Valley Southwoods (our usual location). If it is storming (lightning or hammering rain) then we will not play. We will do our best to have extra equipment, but be aware that supplies are limited. I will do my best to post and email any changes to the venue/time ASAP.

Click here for a description of Full Pads.

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