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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOLL Required Equipment

Lacrosse specific pads are preferred, but since this is a rec/pick up league, hockey pads, helmets and gloves will be allowed. Football pads and helmets are not allowed.
All players need
1. A helmet with a full face mask 2. Protective gloves 3. Elbow pads
Players under 18 are required (over 18 are recommended) to wear
1. Shoulder pads 2. Protective cup 3. Mouthguard
We recommend
Wearing lacrosse, football, or lacrosse cleats. Sure you can run in tennis shoes, but the cleats offer a wee bit more traction on the field.
We prefer
Everyone to have his own stick. Scheels has had some in stock and they can be purchased on the internet. As always, we will try to have extras on hand.
If you need equipment
Check out Great Atlantic Lacrosse. However, I would advise you against dropping top dollar for the top of the line gear if you have never played.

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