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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 2

In the first post, I laid down the basis for this series. Now we will really get into the expansion of high school lax in Iowa.
Waukee Warriors

It should surprise no one that I chose Waukee to be the second lax team in the metro. Roughly half of the current Valley team hails from the Waukee district. Last year the high school allowed the team to use its stadium for our home games. The only girls team in the state uses the "Waukee" name. Obviously the support is there and continues to grow.With an overabundance of schools (4) in the metro wearing purple and gold, Waukee is merely the first. If/when other schools add lax, I will run into the issue of duplicating uniforms and helmets. One way to get around this is to capitalize on the different options for gold. The logos at Waukee Stadium and on the football helmets are the more yellow "athletic" gold rather than the metallic "Vegas" gold; I am going with athletic gold for the lax team.As you can see, I chose to go the Delaware, UMBC & Towson route by giving the Warriors an athletic gold away jersey. Again, the plethora of purple in the metro lead me in a different direction with Waukee.
Dowling Catholic Maroons

This pick may be a little bit more controversial as we only know of two DCHS laxers right now and both play pole. I chose Dowling because I see the school as a logical choice with demographics similar to many lax programs across the country - including Creighton Prep in the Nebraska League. That is, Dowling is a well funded private school with a rich athletics history. They are a dominant force in nearly every sport and have the potential be so in lax as well. Given their intense rivalry with Valley, it is only logical that the Maroons would choose to compete on the lax field as well.Although maroon and white are their only official colors, black and silver are often used extensively on Dowling uniforms. Originally I planned to go with a white helmet like the Maroons' football team, but decided that this would be a good place to mix it up again. Right now the lax world has an overabundance of white lids so why add another? Besides, one white helmet is enough for West Des Moines.With the home jersey, I decided to continue the silver theme. This gives the Maroons a nice alternative to the usual white while still contrasting with other teams' away jerseys.

Tribe 7