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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 3b

Here is a little bonus for today. As you may have figured out so far, I prefer even numbers for leagues. The last two posts featured two schools each so I thought I was good. Then I remembered that Valley makes five (I am not counting River City since they are closer to Omaha than any of the other Iowa-based teams). In order to properly get the league going, I need six teams. So without further ado, the final team in the inaugural season of the Iowa High School Lacrosse League...
Southeast Polk Rams
A fourth metro team seemed to be the most logical at this point, but I also thought that a team on the opposite side of Des Moines would be best. Although Ankeny has strong potential, SEP wins the first round because I have actually talked to students and faculty about starting a lax team there. In fact, the high school's principle is a very big lacrosse fan.The Rams look their best in black, but pairing the dark jersey with athletic gold shorts gives provides an extra pop. It is a bold look, but one that will help SEP stand out from other teams wearing dark colors.Because I see an onslaught of black helmets on the horizon, I chose to go with the athletic gold model for SEP. This utilizes the school's colors while providing a nice contrast to their black jerseys ala DeWalt in the American Lacrosse League.

Tribe 7