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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 3a

The last installment brought two more teams to the western suburbs of Des Moines. Both Waukee and Dowling Catholic have well known rivalries with Valley. Today's entries are well outside of the Capital City, but both groups in both areas have contacted me about starting up lax programs. Whether or not they could realistically get a high school team up and running within two years is arbitrary. Remember, this series takes place in Fantasy Land...

Kennedy Cougars

Of the three Cedar Rapids metro high schools, I chose Kennedy to start with. Kennedy has a sports history that rivals Valley and Dowling. Plus the Cougars give me a chance to work with a fresh palette of colors. I also played with the font choices and went with something a bit more aggressive and modern. I am not sold on the numbers though...
Originally I intended to do a combined Cedar Rapids team representing the metro, like the Mustangs hockey team. I even considered using their name and colors to make the lax team an extension of the hockey team. Instead I decided to follow the same route as Valley and choose a specific school to start lax in the city. This is not necessarily the way it would happen, just the way I prefer to work in Fantasy Land.Cedar Rapids is blessed by its proximity to Mount Vernon and Iowa City. Both towns have MCLA programs and coaches should be available. Considering the Cedar Rapids metro is the second largest in the state, finding players should be fairly reasonable.

Albia Blue Demons

Probably the most shocking choice so far, Albia is a fairly small rural town in Southern Iowa. There are several small districts in reasonable proximity to Albia so a combined team would probably be the best route. Since I already go to Albia about once every other month to visit family anyway, connecting with the interested group will not be much of an issue. Finding and training coaches will probably present a larger problem, but this is Fantasy Land so there are no immediate concerns.

Since Albia is an old fashioned, rural town, I thought a more classic brush font worked the best. Kind of gives the uniforms a "down home" feel, don't you think?

Unlike certain NCAA teams with "Blue" as part of their nickname (Devils, Hens), I feel that the primary color for the Blue Demons should be, well, blue.

Tribe 7