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Friday, March 19, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 4

Yesterday saw two posts to round out the league to six teams for its inaugural season, under the assumption that River City would stay with the Nebraska League for the time being and Iowa would run its own league. Today we continue the expansion in the Hawkeye State with two Hawk teams. Coincidentally both wear maroon.
Ankeny Hawks

I have targeted Ankeny since I first started working with Valley. It may not get the big malls or major business developments like those in the west, but the north side suburb is groing at a comparable rate. Economically speaking, the household incomes and values are quite comparable and the school district is just as good.Ankeny can draw from nearby districts to fill out its roster as needed. Saydel and Bondurant-Farrar are both in reasonable proximity to provide more players. The Hawks definitely have the raw athletic talent to be a power early on. Undoubtedly there are a couple of former NCAA/MCLA players in the area that would lend their expertise to coach the team.Ankeny has a rich athletic history that rivals Valley and Dowling. With its upcoming split into two high schools, it will be interesting to see if their success continues. I originally thought about naming the lax team after one high school or another to reflect this, but thought that with its newness, the team would represent the city as a whole and use the current moniker - at least for now (technically the logo on the shorts is an eagle; it is for illustration purposes only).Ankeny is one of two metro schools wearing maroon and gold. The Hawks embrace Vegas gold to the point of having football helmets, jerseys, and pants in that color. Why mess with that look? I carried it over for the lax team, as you can see.

Waterloo West Wahawks

The Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro is another area that has contacted me about setting up a program. I have heard from players at the high school, college, and club levels. There are potential (experienced) people in the area and the city's proud hockey history could translate to the lax field. Cedar Falls is another area that I visit fairly regularly to see family, so I anticipate helping to get the ball rolling up there as well.Just like Cedar Rapids, I had the choice of an inclusive city team named after the hockey team (Warriors) or picking a specific school. I chose West because of its demographics and history and because of the Wahawks name. In fact, I love that nickname so much that it earns a place on the jersey (although misspelled as "Warhawks" while the school's proper name is relegated to the shorts.Aside from having an awesome name, the Wahawks have a killer color scheme. Typically wearing black uniforms trimmed in maroon, the Wahawks look intimidating the moment they set foot on the field. Even more so than the uniform, the helmet creates the intimdation factor.

Tribe 7