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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 6

I know some time has passed since the last post, but I have been kind of busy. Sorry about that. Last time we completely left the metro, today we come back a bit.

Today is all about the J-Hawks. No, not those bastards that completely threw off my NCAA brackets (at least it was UNI that knocked them out). We've got a pair of J-Hawks from both major metros and they both happen to wear navy.

Urbandale J-Hawks

This one is a bit tricky. When I sent out emails to the various suburban schools last summer, Urbandale flat out told me they cannot have lax at this time . In fact, I was told that if we wanted to play lax on any fields in the Urbandale district, we would have to pay. However, their athletic director did attend an unnamed East Coast lax powerhouse and is a lax fan. If the sport does begin to take off in Iowa - especially the metro - he may try to get Urbandale involved.The J-Hawks wear navy, white, and red. I chose to use red as the primary accent color on both jerseys and the shorts. The argyle pattern turned out pretty good with this color scheme.The current school logo kind of resembles the University of Miami (Florida) only with Urbandale's color scheme in stead of green and orange. The font used on the shorts is as close as I could get, but it is similar to the font on the district website.

I've seen recent pictures of their helmets in both white and navy. After experimenting with both, I decided the darker bucket looked best. I can already picture the white and red U on the side; it would look awesome.

Jefferson J-Hawks

Jefferson is the second team representing the Cedar Rapids metro. Not knowing too terribly much about Cedar Rapids, I chose Jefferson because they have very lacrosse friendly colors. You may notice that I used the same font for both J-Hawks; frankly it just worked best for both of them given the limited constraints I am working with.
I chose to go with the Carolina blue away jerseys and shorts because not many schools wear the color, so this lets Jefferson stand out. Plus given that they share a color scheme with the Tarheels, I figured why not mirror their style a bit?After seeing North Carolina in both white and navy blue lids, I have come to the conclusion that navy trimmed mostly with Carolina looks the best. For some reason the Carolina on the Cascade website is a bit off, but in real life it is nearly identical to the uniform color.

Tribe 7