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Monday, March 22, 2010

Living in Fantasy Land... Part 5

The last installment added another Des Moines metro team as well as a team in the northern portion of the Cedar Valley to bring the league to ten teams. We are still in Fantasy Land, but I am trying to demonstrate the measured growth that usually follows new sports leagues. It is not hard for me to imagine four to six teams joining each year, but I will only post two at a time for simplicity and flow. Today we are leaving the Des Moines metro for two college towns ripe for lax.

Ames Little Cyclones
Given that Iowa State has had a team forever, I am surprised there has been no movement in Ames yet. With a strong hockey program drawing mostly local kids and a waning interest in baseball, Ames is perfectly poised to establish a lax program.A 4A district (top sports level for the out-of-staters), there are several schools within reasonable driving distance to Ames to bolster their ranks. Double headers with the ISU team would not hurt their growth or support either.As the second orange and black team in the league, Ames gets a different treatment than Valley. Going with an orange on orange away uniform sets the Little Cyclones apart from the Tigers visually. I also used a "stretch and twist" option for the font to give the impression that it had been caught in a Twister. The effect creates an "A" not too far removed from their Flyers-inspired hockey logo.
I decided on the orange on black helmet after looking at pictures of Virginia this year. The orange on orange on orange look is too much for any team not named Syracuse...
Pella Dutch
It is not hard for me to imagine Central College adding an MCLA team (or GLLL should Drake go that way) around the same time that a high school program starts up. I have been contacted by at least one Pella resident about getting something going there as well. At the very least, away games on Saturdays might result in a trip to the bakery for some bomb diggity Dutch Letters.Pella is not a large town by any means, but the Dutch have a strong group of local athletes to choose from. They are also fortunate to be close enough to draw players from Prairie City-Monroe and Oskaloosa. Although they are not that close to Albia, it is not hard to imagine a rivalry starting up between the two.The Dutch officially only wear dark green and white, which greatly limits what I can do with their uniforms. I added lime green as an accent color to help break up the visual monotony.

Tribe 7