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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Week Away

The 2010 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association kicks off one week from today!
I am still finalizing details and expect that everything will be here and ready on time, although there is a chance that the jerseys will not be here in time for the first game. I know that the due date and start date were close together and I apologize for that. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that we did not want to distract the Valley guys too much during the playoffs. The side effect of that is some delays with registration and payments. To those of you that met the deadline - I offer a very big thank you. The upside is that we should have a competitive league.
The full schedule and rosters will be unveiled this weekend. I think that people will be pleasantly surprised with how this shakes out. I want to schedule referees, but I know that will be difficult until we really get going. At this point I am 98% certain that we will be at Indian Hills. Parking is adequate and the field is usable. It is off the main roads enough to limit accidents, but some of the neighbors are less than thrilled with errant shots...
In the meantime, we will have an open practice session tonight at 5:30. This will be at Indian Hills and go for about an hour and a half. Pads are not required, but if we have enough guys with gear and a goalie & net, we may do light contact. Otherwise bring your stick and gloves. I'm not sure how many balls I have with me (a few were "borrowed" over the box & HS seasons), but we'll make it enough. The only thing that will stop our practice is severe weather and/or lighting.
In the meantime, we did manage three sponsors to help with jersey costs - these will be three of the team names as well:
Clark Physical Therapy
Wellspring Parable Bookstore
Mi Casa Rustic Furniture

I will post more information about each sponsor in the near future.

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