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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Successful Practice

Last night was the official kick off to the 2010 Summer Lacrosse season. We held an informal practice at Indian Hills Jr High. But with 4 d-poles, 12 shorties, a goalie, and a tarp, it did not take long to turn into a full fledged scrimmage.
While the bulk of the group was deeply connected to the Valley team, we did have an alum, a Drake player, and an adult player with experience via Utah's highly successful (#20 on this year's final poll) MCLA club. It was a beautiful night to play lax and the overall experience was great. I realized that even with my long hockey season, I am still far from being in running shape; the heat and humidity are a definite change. I did make an impressive (if only b/c I did not know my fat ass could move like that) shot while jumping from just above GLE. That did not quite make up for the candy-ass mistakes I made throughout the game though. With the league kicking off next Wednesday, I need to get focused...
One thing that I am quite focused on is the behind the scenes stuff. The jerseys have been ordered and I expect to post a preview of the mock-ups soon. We did have three companies step forward to help sponsor which covered some of the costs for the league and jerseys.
Along with that, the rosters are more or less set. I expect to have them posted on the CILA website and emailed out sometime this weekend. I am just waiting to clarify one thing... Overall the teams look balanced and competitive - on paper.
After last night, we are definitely considering a move to a different field. I should know about that soon too.
We have six days before the start of the league. If you are interested in getting a group together to throw around or practice, let me know when and where and I will help you set that up. I know that my weekend is booked, and I probably won't be free on Tuesday either. You can also offer to run a practice at any point during the summer. Pick up games are also on the table...

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