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Friday, May 28, 2010

Shout Out to the Sponsors

One of the biggest issues we had in this year's inaugural box lacrosse league was the lack of identity among the teams. Sure Valley and ISU had team reversible jerseys, but Drake and the Demons wore a hodgepodge of white and (mostly) black shirts, respectively. Another major issue was the lack of proper box goals which meant using 6x6 field goals and created arena football scorelines, which detracted from our primary purpose of increasing shot accuracy and improving tight play.

For this year's summer league, we sought a resolution to both issues - sponsorship.

Last summer we played weekly pick up games with random teams, but decided we like the organization of the box league. As part of this organization, jerseys would be needed. While everybody in the league would be responsible for paying for their jersey, we determined selling the front and team naming rights to willing sponsors would help with other costs associated with getting the game moving in Iowa.

Three local sponsors stepped up (a big thank you to Beth for making it happen!) to help us out. Not only was I able to purchase a couple extra jerseys to meet future needs and those with special circumstances which delayed their payments, but I should have enough to take care of other needs. Among them are nets for the new box goals (thanks to Jim for making the goals themselves); shooting tarps for practices, scrimmages, and the planned youth program; balls; and related items. As we have many more plans - including some extra team gear for Valley - we will continue to seek sponsors and fundraisers.

Over the next week, I plan to give a post dedicated to each sponsor; these posts will be mirrored on the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association website. There will also be a full contact listing on the CILA website and links here as applicable. In the meantime, I wanted to at least give the sponsors a nice shout out:

Clark Physical Therapy - West Des Moines - (515) 440-3439

Wellspring Parable Christian Store - Urbandale - (515) 251-4008

Mi Casa Rustic Furniture - Urbandale - (515) 331-2165

Thank you for helping us continue the growth of lacrosse in Central Iowa. I think I speak for everybody when I say that I truly appreciate it!

I would also like to thank Dan at Lightning Wear for helping us with the jerseys. He has been very patient and professional. I cannot wait to receive and post the mock ups.

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