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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CILA Summer League Predictions - Week 2

Tonight marks the second night of the CILA Summer League at Indian Hills Jr High in Clive. Last week the two teams comprised mainly of Valley players were victorious with Wellspring Parable handily beating Mi Casa Rustic Furniture 13-2 and Lightning Wear defeating Clark Physical Therapy 7-4. Tonight the opponents are swapped. Will the results be similar?
Game 1 - 5:45 - Wellspring Parable vs Clark Physical Therapy
With Valley coaches Zielonko and Nielsen leading the charge, the Young Guns of the league racked up an impressive talley last week against a deep Mi Casa team. However, Wellspring had the advantage of a season of working together and pre-game line drills. Tonight they will be missing two d-poles, Kurt Sundermann and Dirk Arends. Can the Tornberg brothers shore up the back line? Or can the offense maintain possession and eat clock in the offensive zone?
Clark boasts several Drake players, which is a mixed bag. Although many have spent the spring working together, there are a significant number of newbies on the roster. Valley alum Jacobs is joined by fellow alums Elliot and Lozada this week. Will the new players be enough to push Clark to a win?
Both teams will stick the their game plans from last week. The addition of Elliot will give Clark's midfield some much needed legs. But Nielsen's nose for the net will not be contained.Prediction: Wellspring Parable by 1
Game 2 - 6:45 - Mi Casa Rustic Furniture vs Lightning Wear
Last week, Mi Casa spent the pregame period introducing ourselves to each other. Our coordination - or lack thereof - on the field showed our unfamiliarity with each other. The offense lacked structure, the defense failed to slide, passes were missed, too few shots were taken, and our midfield units were run ragged. Despite the scoreline, Burk was confident in ent; he will only improve as the season goes on. We attempted a practice to rectify this, but spotty weather on Saturday postponed it to Sunday, resulting in smaller numbers. With absence of d-pole Cafferata we will be rotating players into the back line, but will we be able to prevent last week's gaffes? Will our offense click and possess the ball? Will we take more shots - and more quality shots?
As good as Wellspring looked last week, Lightning Wear looked better. With Bostwick, Ben Couch, and the Brothers Griess, the offense is stacked. The defense is anchored by Shelton with Blay, Mundus, and Boyd as options; this is no doubt the biggest and most physically intimidating back line in the league. Saying McDougal is solid at LSM is a grand understatement; he owns the position. Hunter Couch is the most clutch goalie in the league. The only questions about this team concern their ability to move the ball around and work as a team. The defense has figured it out, but the offense still looks for the individual plays. Can they pass the ball and set up an offense? Can anyone on Mi Casa stop runs by Couch, Bostwick, and the Brothers Griess?
Mi Casa will be remarkably better than last week, but still not up to snuff. The defense will fix mistakes made a week ago and limit the movement by the fast middies. But Lightning's head start on team chemistry will give them the edge.Prediction: Lightning Wear by 2

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