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Saturday, June 12, 2010

CILA Summer League Sponsor - Clark Physical Therapy

Clark Physical Therapy was the first company to offer sponsorship dollars for the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association's 2010 Summer Lacrosse League. Doing so positioned the league to put a down payment on the initial jersey order. The near term effects of their sponsorship include securing more game balls and replacement nets, as well as training equipment for the planned youth program.*
Clark Physical Therapy is associated with Adel Physical Therapy. Their shared website can be found here. The following text comes directly from their website:
Our treatment philosophy is unique as we provide one to one contact with the patient and never utilize support personnel to provide care to our patients.

Our philosophy is to treat the whole patient rather than just treating their pain. We do not believe physical therapy should be used to only treat the place that hurts; rather our therapists find the problem that leads to the pain in the first place. This philosophy leads to a longer term solution to the patient’s pain. Our physical therapists utilize a manual approach to physical therapy with therapeutic exercises to facilitate the treatments in the clinic. Our clinics specialize in manual techniques including myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, muscle energy, joint mobilization/manipulation, and also the utilization of traditional physical therapy procedures.

We feel that our patients deserve enough time to give us a full history and to also get a comprehensive treatment, therefore we schedule a full 45 minutes with each patient. Patients pay to see a physical therapist, not assistive personnel, so we use licensed physical therapists to provide treatments. This provides better continuity to the patient’s physical therapy program.

Clark Physical Therapy
2001 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Phone: 515-440-3439

Adel Physical Therapy
102 South 7th St.
Adel, Iowa 50003
Phone: 515-993-5599

On behalf of every laxer in the Des Moines metro area, I would like to thank Clark Physical Therapy for sponsoring a team in this summer's league. Their generous act helps to ensure that lacrosse will continue to grow in the capital city.

*More information will be posted as it develops. There are currently plans for a clinic in late July, and we are still working out the details for a youth league program.

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