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Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Conferences - Update #2

Looks like I got one right. Boise State has accepted the expansion bid from the Mountain West Conference. The MWC now moves to ten teams. It is very likely that they could still add up to six more - seven it Utah bolts to the Pac 10, which is the hottest rumor now.
The immediate question is whether or Boise State is enough to warrant an automatic BCS bid to the conference. With its current line up, the MWC looks significantly stronger than the Big East. Considering the Big East gets an automatic bid, then the MWC with Utah, BYU, Texas Christian, and now Boise State definitely should.
Oh, and here's a little bonus for you: Nebraska is going to the Big Ten!! This should come as a shock to nobody, especially in light of Colorado's move yesterday. Just like the Buffaloes, the Huskers' new affiliation is expected to start in 2012; some sources are reporting that Nebraska wants to join the conference as early as next fall. Looks like I was right again!
It remains to be seen whether the Big Ten continues to grow. Missouri is still in the air, though it appears they are backpedaling with the Big 12 in a weak attempt to remain is BCS conference. Although those moves are most likely in vain as it appears Texas & its posse will mosey along as well.
Don't forget that Rutgers, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame are still being talked about. Now reports are surfacing of Maryland possibly moving to the Big Ten. While I think the Terps are a bad fit geographically, they bring an extremely strong television market (DC). Not to mention that would be yet another NCAA lax team...
Fun side note, a bunch of politicians are up in arms about the movements. Sorry fellas, but your political posturing has no place here. This is about entertainment dollars benefiting academics. Forcing teams to stay in the Big 12 helps nobody. At the end of the day, these teams wanted out for a reason. Attempting to fix it now is too little too late.
This is so excitin'!

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