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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Conferences - The New Landscape 4

Once the top choice teams get divided up between the five Super Conferences - Big Teen, Pac 16, Mountain West, Southeastern, and Atlantic Coast - the remaining teams would scramble to find or build new homes.
Devastated Conferences:
  1. Big 12 - Iowa State
  2. Big East* - Louisville, Cincinnati
  3. Conference USA - Rice, Tulane, Tulsa, Alabama-Birmingham, East Carolina
  4. WAC - Fresno State, Hawaii, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, New Mexico, San Jose State, Utah State
  5. The MAC and Sun Belt seem to be unaffected by the expansion process.
In response to the Super Conference alignments, the leftover teams could reform into regional conferences. The regional conferences would save some costs and still allow the teams to be competitive. At the same time, a few FCS schools would likely move up to fill in gaps and take advantage of the higher dollars at the BCS level.**

Mid America Conference
Retained Teams: Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan
New Teams: Cincinnati, Louisville, Iowa State, Tulane, Southern Miss, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Louisiana Tech, Northern Iowa
-North: Cincinnati, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Ball State, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan
-South: Tulane, Southern Miss, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Louisville
Conference USA
Retained Teams: Alabama-Birmingham, East Carolina
New Teams: Army, Navy, Akron, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Miami Ohio, Ohio, Toledo, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, South Alabama, Troy, Appalachian State, Kent State
-North: Akron, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Miami Ohio, Ohio, Toledo, Kent State, Army
-South: UAB, East Carolina, Navy, FAU, FIU, South Alabama, Troy, Appalachian
Western Athletic Conference
Retained Teams: Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Utah State
New Teams: Rice, Tulsa, Arkansas State, North Texas, Montana, Portland State
-East: Rice, Tulsa, Arkansas State, North Texas, New Mexico State, Utah State
-West: Fresno State, Hawaii, San Jose State, Portland State, Montana, Nevada

--Biggest Winner: Mountain West Conference - Becomes a major player; gains a BCS berth--
--Biggest Loser: Iowa State, Cincinnati, and Louisville - All three lose their place in a BCS conference as the Big 12 and Big East dissolve--

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*This is only considering the football schools. Non-football schools could continue the Big East as a basketball-based conference.
**Whereas I am fairly confident in my previous conference speculations, these are a complete shot in the dark based on logic. We all know how well logic and college football work together... The biggest monkey wrench here is Hawaii. Travelling to the Aloha State is quite expensive and the new WAC schools may have some issues with it.

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