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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gear Survey Results

About two months ago, I asked what kind of lax gear and equipment central Iowans owned. Now the results are in and it looks like several people have some gear. Granted the polls on this site are far from perfect - they don't give me any indication of age, for example - and the response numbers are not too high (19 for this poll), but it may be a fair assumption that not every central Iowa laxer reads this blog. This may be an incorrect assumption (and we all know what happens when you ass-u-me), but I choose to hope for wider interest in the sport.
Without further ado, here are the results:
13 players have more than one stick
5 players only have one stick
10 players have lax helmets
11 players have lax gloves
12 players have lax arm guards
9 players have lax shoulder pads
4 players are using hockey pads
and 1 guy has nothing (let's hope we can change that soon!)
I highlighted the guys with multiple sticks because I see this as an opportunity for growth. If those guys could try and bring out a friend for one of our toss around events, there is a chance that they will get hooked on the game. Then they would just need to buy their own sticks, pads, etc. to increase our numbers. The more players we have the better!
Remember, to participate in the rec activities, you do not have to comply with US Lacrosse registration and equipment guidelines, but you are playing at your own risk. Anybody who plays hockey at the Metro Ice Sports Facility is familiar with this concept anyway; I assume most adult rec sports leagues follow the same philosophy. Once we get a team together for official tournament and/or Great Plains Lacrosse League play, players will need to register with US Lacrosse and wear lax-specific equipment. Since that looks to be about a year away, there are no worries!
One thing I should mention is that since the poll closed, I have received some new lax-specific gear. I got gloves about midway through, but I have now received a helmet, shoulder pads, and arm guards. There will be a write up and review sometime in the next few days. Tonight will be the first night I get to use them!

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