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Friday, June 19, 2009

Coming Soon - Box Lacrosse! Part 2

I received an email back from the Soccer House regarding us playing box lacrosse there. Just as before, they are still enthusiastic for us to move in. In fact, they are so excited that we could actually start playing there as soon as we want!

With the rapid rise of heat and humidity already this summer, playing indoors may not be a bad thing. Maybe instead of starting in September like I originally planned, we could look at starting box lacrosse in August. The early stages could see a pay-as-you-play system or it could be a full blown league. I will probably throw up an interest poll to influence my decision.

So far we have been offered Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday nights. Personally, I would prefer to stay away from Friday because most people have things going on, especially during the high school football season. Again I will post a poll to influence my decision.

A standard box lacrosse playing surface is 180-200 feet by 80-90 feet. The Soccer House's field is a little smaller at 180 feet by 70 feet. While not too small, it does make me wonder how well a standard field lacrosse or even a hockey goal would fit in there with their six foot base (official box rules specify a four foot base). Still, part of me wants to keep using a standard field lax goal to continuing developing field goalkeepers.

My biggest concern with the goals is transporting or storing them. I know that neither of my vehicles can hold one folded goal, let alone two. Since the Soccer House is located just off the bypass, driving with my rear door open is not such a good idea. You can be sure that I definitely will not do it in the middle of winter (or during a big rainstorm). Plus, I need to verify which goals we can actually use.

We will get a box league started this year. It is mostly just a question of when. To get this puppy moving, I need your help and feedback. Contact me with your ideas. I may post them (without your name attached, of course) or you can simply comment below. Any and all ideas are welcome!

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