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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming Soon - Box Lacrosse!

I realize that summer just began a few days ago, but I am already looking towards the fall. Specifically, I am looking at how lacrosse will play out this fall. With unpredictable numbers during our Summer Open Lacrosse League I am a little nervous about the fall, especially with hockey, basketball, wrestling, football and their related activities looming. That is why I wanted to get the feelers out now.
Some of you may recall me talking earlier this year about setting up a modified box lacrosse league (that's short field indoor lacrosse in case you did not know) at the Soccer House just off the south side bypass. This is still something I am interested in and I think that many of you may be down for doing this. Once school starts back up, it will be pretty much impossible for us to use the fields on a regular basis and once it gets cold we will not want to. Playing box lax at the SH allows us to keep playing without freezing to death.
I have already re-established contact with the SH about playing their this fall. Last January they were supportive of the idea and I imagine that they still are. I am trying to reserve a weekly block of time so that we can schedule our games as a league. Hopefully that will solve the attendance problem we are having right now. I have no idea what night will be open, but I know we will not be playing there on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Of course there will be a fee to play; we have to rent the field. Once I get the information back from them and get an idea of how many people are playing (plus some related stuff) I will pass on the fee info. My goal is 4-6 teams of 10 players. Just like the SOLL, the league will be open to high school and adult players.

What are your early thoughts? Please post them below or email me.

Quick summary of box lax:
1. Hockey rink size field with boards.
2. 5v5 instead of 9v9 in the field.
3. Hybrid of lacrosse and hockey (no, you don't wear skates).
4. Uses the same equipment as field lacrosse (we'll let you wear hockey gear as always), but no long poles.
5. Generally the goals are smaller - 4x4 instead of 6x6. This might not apply in our case...

Some of the advantages of playing box through the fall/winter:
1. It is inside. Field conditions and weather are a nonfactor.
2. The field is smaller. That means less running for us lazy guys!
3. Only five runners and a goalie are on the field at a time. That means we can have several smaller teams and line changes.
4. There are seats, concessions, and restrooms at the SH. Your friends and family can come out and witness the games!
5. You get to work on your stick stills, dodging, defense, shooting, etc. in a smaller area.
6. No chasing balls!

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