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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Screw the Schlegels!!!!!!

Have you read the latest Chops article?

Here it is in a nutshell: The Schlegels want to sell the AHL franchise to Dallas (surprise!) to validate the Texas Stars (ironic, huh?). They want to replace the AHL franchise with a CHL franchise. They claim that CHL is the next step down from the AHL. Wrong.

The NHL has two affiliated minor leagues - the AHL and the ECHL. Although professional hockey does not use the same designations they are essentially AAA and AA, respectively. Every remaining league may have individual teams with NHL affiliations (mostly regional). Some teams have affiliations with AHL or ECHL teams and some have no affiliations. The CHL falls into this category.

I am not saying that the CHL is a bad league, but it is at least two steps down from the AHL. Pretty much every player on a CHL roster will never see time in the AHL, let alone the NHL. Had we had this league originally I would not be so upset, but the Schlegels are taking away our Lexus and giving us a used Kia while telling us that it is essentially a new Toyota.

I love having professional hockey in Des Moines. I really do. No matter the level, I will support the team openly (I even have several pieces of Stars merchandise). However, I will boycott any replacement teams that the Schlegels own. They have screwed the hockey fans, Global Spectrum, Polk County, the state of Iowa, and the community too many times. Polk County needs to kick Kirby & Co to the curb!

Basic North America Hockey Pyramid:
Major league: NHL
Minor AAA: AHL
Minor AA: ECHL
Minor A: CHL, IHL
Canadian Major Juniors
Junior A (including USHL - DM Bucs)
Junior B
Junior C
Independent Juniors
High School

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