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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 CILA Summer League - All League Teams

Having played in or reffed every CILA Summer League game, I decided to share my picks for the 2010 All League Teams. I'm sure that others will have their own opinions and I encourage you to share them below. These players represented the top level of competition on a regular basis in their position. These players stood out among their teammates every week, regardless of the outcome.
League MVP
Tanner McDougal, Lighnting Wear (Valley)
McDougal played at above average levels in every position on the field. Primarily playing LSM, McDougal was a capable defender, midfielder, and attack man. He also filled in at goal on several occasions, including the league championship game. McDougal exhibited the qualities of the league's best all-around player all season long.

First Team
Goal: Hunter Couch, Lightning Wear (Valley)
Defense: Patrick Shelton, Lightning Wear
Defense: Nick Blay, Mi Casa
Defense: Ben Shoff, Clark Pt (Drake)
LSM: Taylor Aukes, Mi Casa (Mankato State)
Midfield: Tyler Nielsen, Wellspring
Midfield: Zach Zielonko, Wellspring
Midfield: Paul Miska, Mi Casa
Attack: Pat Bradley, Clark PT (Drake)
Attack: Cam Bostwick, Lightning Wear (Missouri State)
Attack: Bob Ripchinski, Clark PT

Second Team
Goal: Brandon Fitch, Clark PT
Defense: Jamie Tornberg, Wellspring (Valley)
Defense: Shawn Harrington, Lightning Wear
Defense: Collin Mundus, Lightning Wear (Valley)
LSM: Tanner McDougal, Lightning Wear (Valley)
Midfield: Austin Ladd, Clark PT
Midfield: Jake Van Dyke, Mi Casa (Iowa State)
Midfield: Dylan Griess, Lightning Wear (Valley)
Attack: Benny Arends, Wellspring (Valley)
Attack: Nate Kaufmann, Mi Casa
Attack: Ben Couch, Lightning Wear (Iowa State)

Position: Name, Summer Team, (Current Team)
Some of these were tough calls. But nothing is meant as a slight against anyone in the league. God knows I put myself below everybody else out there...
I welcome your comments.

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