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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gear on Craigslist

New players always ask me where they can pick up some inexpensive lax gear. I usually direct them the to clearance section at Lacrosse Monkey because I've gotten some great stuff at low prices on more than one occasion.
But another resource that I rarely think of is Craigslist. Every once in a while I'll stumble across a posting or somebody will contact me about their gear being for sale. Although I never ask why they're dumping their gear, I usually try to forward the links on to people who might be interested. In fact, there are several listings on Craigslist right now. Most of them are from the same seller. Take a look. Maybe you'll find that back up set of gear you've been wanting...
Helmet (unknown) $25
Helmets (Cascade & Warrior) $20-40
Sticks (Warrior, Brine) $20-40
Pads (STX) $10-20
Gloves (Shamrock) $10-20
Shoulder pads (Shamrock) $10

Most of the gear listed is starter stuff. Still, if you are a newbie yourself, it may not hurt to take a look...

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