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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reminder - Pick Up Game Tomorrow

The CILA Summer League may be done and over with, but the lax continues!!!
There will be a pick up game at Indian Hills Jr High in Clive. The game will start at 5:45 and run for roughly two hours.
There will be no ref (it's a pick up game after all) so all players are encouraged to keep it clean and fun.
Jim will be handling the nets. Please help him with the set up and clean up. I will not be there to help out.
Although there are probably about 20 summer league balls around there (including four lost last week), you may want to bring your own if you have one. Jim is not providing the balls and there are none for use in the shed.
If all goes well and the interest remains for next week, another pick up session might be arranged.

Tribe 7