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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My New Stuff

I just received my order from Great Atlantic Lacrosse on Thursday night and I could not be more thrilled. Because I am just as new to playing lacrosse as all of my readers, I decided that I needed "beginner" sticks. I really wanted a STX Scandium Pro shaft and Viper 2 head, but you try convincing my wife to drop nearly $300 on a stick for a sport we do not even have in Des Moines.

So I decided to get two beginner sticks, some balls, and a bag. I got two sticks, because who else has one right now and who wants to play alone? The balls speak for themselves. And the bag allows me to carry it all, duh. I also joined Club Lax to get free shipping. Great Atlantic Lacrosse is offering free shipping on any order over $100 for Club Lax members until November 16, 2008. Here is what I decided on:

Gait Icon 2 $32.99 (Club Lax $29.69). I love this stick already. It has a 10 degree offset like the higher end professional models. Its aluminum handle is soft and feels like a higher quality than its price tag suggests.

STX AV8 $35.99 (Club Lax $32.39). This is the best selling beginner stick so I had to get one. Plus, I am generally a fan of STX.

Nike Lax Duffel Bag $39.99 (Club Lax $35.99). This monster is huge and can hold two sticks and a ton of gear. The shipping invoice said this bag was five pounds by itself. Crazy! Awesome price though; every other brand is more costly. Plus, the Nike Lacrosse logo is cool.

I also got two white and two orange Warrior lacrosse balls. They are $1.99 each (Club Lax $1.79). Great Atlantic Lacrosse has a few other beginner stick options and a great selection of shafts, heads, and gear too. Check them out and get playing!
Now for the bad news, technically these are my Christmas presents from my mom and grandma. They (and my wife) said that I could not have them before Christmas. At least I got to "inspect" them the other night...

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