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Monday, November 3, 2008

Next on Central Iowa Lacrosse

I am not typically a big fan of "Coming Soon" posts, but I have to do it. The series on who will be moving into lacrosse next has just concluded with yesterday's surprise post about Nike/STX and Reebok/Adidas possibly coming into the helmet market. While the entire series was purely speculation, nobody should be surprised to see any of it come about. Lacrosse is big business and is the fastest growing sport in the nation. It is also becoming huge overseas. With the slow decline of hockey, these companies would be foolish not to jump into the lacrosse market.

The poll to name the future Des Moines GPLL team is still running and will end after Thanksgiving. I wanted to leave it up for a while to allow people to find this blog and voice their opinions. Soon after will be a poll about potential team colors. I gave you my line of thought, but am interest to know what the fans think. This decision may impact the future of lacrosse in Des Moines...

There will some more polls coming up soon to preview another series on CILax. I will be examining various lacrosse leagues in depth and looking at what changes can and should be made to make them more successful. There will also be a series on the different types of lacrosse being played in North America and other parts of the world. Hopefully at least one of these games will appear in DM within the next 12 months...

What kind of blog would this be if I did not spend a little time talking about lacrosse's future in Des Moines? There will be articles about how the game will appear in Des Moines as well as playing times and locations. As information becomes available, I will pass it on to you. I plan on getting some interview questions together for ISU, Iowa, and other local MCLA club players. More discussions about the GPLL and potential high school club teams and/or a whole league are also on the agenda.

My hope is that the readership for this blog will continue to grow. I continue to mention it on MySpace and recently got in trouble for posting the link on the Lacrosse Forums. So far I have not been able to find the site on Google, but hopefully that will change soon. Keep spreading the word and I will keep trying to get better content posted. Until then, I am doing my part to spread the sport in the Heartland. Lacrosse will rise in Central Iowa.
Remember, tomorrow is election day. I ask that all of you vote only if you care about politics. Know what you are voting for and why you are choosing a candidate. Know what your candidate stands for and how his/her views will impact you. As a special treat tomorrow, I am posting a different sort of article. I hope you enjoy it.

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