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Monday, November 3, 2008

Reader Mail

Central Iowa Lacrosse has been running for over a week now and I am happy to report that I finally found this blog on Google! That is great news because it means that anyone in central Iowa that is interested in playing lax will find it too. Ultimately, the blog was designed to bring together Des Moines area lacrosse fans and players. Now it could really succeed.

I truly appreciate the readers I already have and am thankful that you have taken the time to check this blog out. Bringing the sport to Des Moines is my passion, but it really is a collaborative effort. If I have no readers, then what is the point of having a blog?

Having said that, I have received my first email regarding this blog. Check it out:

What's the deal? This is a lax page, but you have a hockey pic on it. What the hell? Anyways, you say a lot about companies coming into lax, but who cares? What's that got to do w/ DM? And when are you gonna say something about playing lax in DM? I really want to toss the ball.
Tony C******

Well Tony (last name deleted for anonymity), the reason there is a picture of me in my hockey gear is that I felt it would be the best pic for the site. Would a pic of me playing lax be better? Of course, but since we do not yet have lax in Des Moines, I have no pic of me playing. Also, I felt that it would be wise to have a familiar pic up for anyone who knows me from hockey or elsewhere. It builds trust.

The reason I spent so much time on new companies coming into lacrosse is twofold. First, I began covering Nike and speculating about other companies entering lax purely as hook to bring more traffic. People who are already into lacrosse are excited about the prospect of the sport becoming more mainstream. When larger equipment companies like Nike or Easton come into a sport, it is an indicator that the sport is becoming more popular. The second reason I spent so much time on the new companies was to have interesting articles while the blog was becoming established.

As far as playing lax in Des Moines, things are happening now to get that ball rolling. This week will see a new series of blogs that talk about the different types of lacrosse and what will be played in Des Moines. With the holidays approaching and hockey games scheduled, I do not see lacrosse being played by me until after Christmas. I am hoping to get games going hardcore in the Spring of 2009. Maybe if we are blessed with a decent winter, we could look at some snowball on New Year's weekend. In fact, if anyone is interested in this, drop me a line and we'll see what we can do.

Until next time, I am your friendly host. Please post a comment or drop me a line here.

Tribe 7