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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Help the Hawkeyes & Get Cool Stuff!!!!

As you may or may not know, I am a life long Cyclone fan. Yes my parents put me in Hawkeye garb when I was young, but once I could make my own decisions I elected to be a Cyclone. However, when it comes to lacrosse I eagerly support both teams. Iowa's club has made a particularly strong impression on me this year as they have maintained steady communication with me all season. The Hawkeyes take their lacrosse seriously and respect what we are doing here with CILA and Valley.
Captain Alex De La Pena led the MCLA in points per game for most of the season and Princeton All American and Chicago Machine midfielder Matt Striebel serves as the team's part time assistant coach. This is a strong foundation from which a high quality lacrosse program can be built. As the Hawkeyes have long been the iconic school in the state - included in such films as Can't Buy Me Love and The Program, as well as the TV show Coach - and source for Iowa's nickname, "The Hawkeye State," supporting the development of this program is important to the growth of lacrosse. Despite your possible allegiances, I am asking that you help the University of Iowa Lacrosse Club as it reinvents itself into a national powerhouse.
I received an email from the Hawkeye Lax team regarding their current funding issues. Its text is included below. Please read it and consider helping out.
Iowa Lacrosse Needs Your Help!

While we are a strong and well lead program, we are dramatically under funded by the University of Iowa.

Amount of funding received from the University of Iowa: $1800 VS. Team Budget: $40,000

University of Iowa funds put aside per player: $4 VS. Average Big 10 University funds put aside per player: $150-$250 Do the Math!

Please donate to keep the reigning GRLC AA Division Champion Iowa Lacrosse team alive and successful.
Levels of Donation:
$20 Receive a Free Iowa Lacrosse Hat
$25 Receive a Free Iowa Lacrosse T-Shirt or Shorts
$45 Receive a Free Iowa Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirt
$85 Receive a Free Iowa Lacrosse Jacket
$150 Receive a Free Authentic Iowa Lacrosse Jersey

To donate, click the link below or send a check made out to Iowa Lacrosse to:
417 S. Gilbert #2314 Iowa City, Iowa 52240
We appreciate any help you can provide
Thank you very much

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