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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOLL Physicality, Refs & Penalties

Contact Limitations
Lacrosse is a physical sport, make no doubt about that. All players will be required to wear pads and to sign a waiver. However, the SOLL is about spreading the game and having fun so hitting will be de-emphasized. Normal bumping and contact is expected (during isos for example) and defensive poke checks and slap checks are ok. What we do not want is some one being freight-trained on the field. Big hits, while awesome in competitive lacrosse, are not cool in rec league. Serious injuries should not happen.
We will not have referees. This is a common trait among pick up leagues. Also, we should be able to police ourselves fairly easily. Teammates should be just as quick as the opposition to call most penalties like trips, slashes, etc. Obviously things like moving picks and wards will be more difficult to call. Unless it is obvious to members of both teams, we will not worry about that kind of stuff so much. The hard part will be keeping everyone honest. If pick up hockey and soccer have taught me anything though, it's that people are more honest in a fun setting than they are in a competitive setting. When there is less on the line, there is less incentive to play dirty.
We will not have a box and penalty times will not be served. However, if there are subs available the penalized player must leave the field until the next change of possession- no exceptions. BUT THERE WILL NOT BE A MAN UP/MAN DOWN SITUATION! A penalties with possession will be play on until the affected team loses control of the ball; at that point it will be a dead ball restart. A penalty without possession will be dead ball and the affected team will get the ball on the restart.
One of Valley's biggest problems this year was stick control resulting in slashing penalties. It's something the entire team and coaching staff recognizes and is aware of. For the SOLL, any wild or intentional hits to the head will result in a penalty. Other things like cross checks and trips will be called as well. Five physical fouls during a session will result in that player being asked to leave. We want a fun and safe experience for everyone.

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