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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOLL Eligibility & Teams

The SOLL will be open to adults, high school students (including incoming freshmen), and approved middle schoolers (contact me to find out about approval). Anyone within those age groups may attend/participate regardless of their school or city. To participate, please read and sign the waiver form (players under 18 need a parental signature as well). Bring it the first time you show up and give it to me (Adam), Zach, or Tyler.
We will divide teams on the spot pick-up style, at least initially. We will try to make the teams as even as possible. D-Poles and goalies will be divided/picked first. Everyone should bring a dark and light shirt/jersey/reversible (CILA store has reversibles available for purchase but they are not required).
As time goes on, the group may elect to permanently divide teams.
1. Stick Toss - Goalies first, the d-poles, then shorties; completely random; KNOW YOUR STICK!
2. Schoolyard - Goalies will pick teams after determining who gets top choice; d-poles are picked first; Top choice may defer to shortie round giving the other goalie first pick of the d-poles; leftover d-pole joins shortie round
1. A makeshift box will be set up for subbing purposes
2. Be courteous and give everyone a chance to play
3. If you are tired, get off the field - somebody else probably wants to get in
4. When subs are available, the goal scorer must come off the field
5. If there are d-pole subs, onfield d-poles must rotate off after EVERY goal
6. Every sub awaiting play should be working in after EVERY goal; this means that onfield players need to sub off
I hope that at some point this summer we have an organized game between the Demons and Tigers. Maybe put all of the returning Tigers together with one or two graduates against the adults as the Demons? This is an early thought and we can certainly talk about it over the course of the summer.

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