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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Local Deals on Lax Gear

While on posting something Craig's List for my in-laws yesterday, I came across some local posts for lacrosse gear. This stuff popped onto the internet just in time for the Summer Open Lacrosse League!

This was posted by the dad of a guy who played with the Valley intramural club a couple of years ago (no I don't know his name). It is a complete set up for some one about 5' - 5' 8" selling at $175:

Lacrosse set-new never used Cascade CPX helmet--Brine ignite stick--Warrior shoulder and elbow pads. Warrior gloves 12" and Easton knee/shin guards. Believe the pads are medium. Son used the gear for a month and never used the helmet that came later-used other's. Have at least 400 or better in it.

This one is a listing of everything the guy has and what he is willing to sell it for. Here is a run down:Selling my lacrosse gear, it's been sitting in my closet taking up much needed space for about 3 years now. Everything has very minimal use, and I mean minimal, like 2 tournaments and maybe 20 practices total. I have a set of STX shoulder pads would sell for $50 originally $100. Elbow pads $30 originally $60. STX Catalyst gloves $30, originally $70 (These have seen the most use but aren't ripped, beat up, just been sweated in, but don't stink) STX Bionic heads, one white (strung), one black, one red snakeskin (strung), $50 each, originally $80. Two Brine Titanium shafts $20 each, one is set up with the white head would sell the whole stick for $70. STX Locker bag $40 originally $100. This would be the perfect setup for someone who's looking to get into lacrosse and doesn't wanna search around for gear. Everything has been washed and just sitting in the bag. Willing to negotiate !reasonably! Email me for pictures. Would sell whole setup for $300, there is over $600 worth of stuff here!

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